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Are you ready for 60 NEW protein shake recipes so simple & delicious you'll MOAN OUT LOUD at first sip?
Satisfy your sweet tooth and achieve your fitness dreams with this amazing recipe collection!



Welcome to the eagerly anticipated follow-up to Moan Out Loud Protein Shakes: Natural, Organic, Powder-Free!

As a fitness expert and food lover, I'm enthusiastic about bringing decadent, creamy, fruity, tart, rich, and chocolatey recipes into your life that will help you slay your sweet tooth (without creepy ingredients) and keep you on track toward achieving your fitness goals.

I'm absolutely obsessed with these all-natural, gluten-free, delicious protein shake recipes and know that you will be too.

What's different about this book?
+ 60 NEW simple and streamlined recipes in 90 pages
+ Macronutrient numbers included 
+ Texture and crunch craving slayers
Fabulous new flavors and superfoods like cold brew, dragonfruit, maca, chai, and more
+ Recipes that contain whole foods protein powders
+ Recipes already entered into My Fitness Pal for you! 
+ More coffee shop inspired-shakes
+ Minimum 20g protein per serving
"As a fitness trainer and new mom, I'm obsessed with these shake recipes! They help me keep my nutrition on track. I'm addicted to drinking them in a wine glass now! LOVE Moan Out Loud Protein Shakes." 
As a strength and conditioning coach for 20 years, all of my clients are told about Moan Out Loud Protein Shakes. It's so surprising how you can take nutritious, whole foods, and blend them into something that tastes damn good."
"This PB&J shake is the best tasting thing I've ever had."
"Yummo and it is delish! This is what I made for my early morning wake up today!! This coffee 'Not Officially Bulletproof' moaner rocks!"
As a fitness coach who is always looking for an edge to keep his clients on point with their nutritional goals, I have found Moan Out Loud protein shake recipes to be a great source of ease and variety. The recipes are easy to make, great tasting, and stay within the guidelines of my clients living a healthy lifestyle.
I could drink the Maca-Brownie and Pumpkin Ginger Cheesecake shakes on a daily basis! Thanks for classing up the protein shake into a cool EXPERIENCE and not just some obligation that we do to finish off a workout or to plug into our macros or whatever. Your shakes make me look forward to drinking them, which is something I never even cared about until I discovered you and your shakes and your approach toward them (and whole/holistic fitness in general). You’re the BOMB!!!!!
My kids love love love the shakes. Man are they good! I'm addicted to your shake goodness! And I love that I can give my kids the nutrition they need!
I used to crave sweets and frozen yogurt every night! Not anymore. I love that there's no added sugar! And as a nutrition coach myself, all my clients learn about how making delicious protein shakes can fix any sweet tooth!
"So, we're officially shake people now" - Afton

Hi! I’m Andrea Barkley, personal trainer, private cook, and published writer. I absolutely love to feel my fittest and am devoted to helping others feel their fittest too.

I do this without spending endless hours in the gym or ridiculous, low-calorie diets.

I enjoy generous amounts of fabulous, real food, workout in a way that brings me energy, and focus on doing things I love with people I love.

I like to feel like a ray of sunshine all day. ;)

Welcome! I’m thrilled to have you here!

I just know that you're going to love these new, all-natural, organic, easy protein shake recipes that are SO delicous, you'll Moan Out Loud at first sip. ;)

What can MOAN OUT LOUDER protein shakes do for you?

Help you get rid of that pesky sweet tooth, once and for all!

+ Satisfy your cravings for rich chocolate, tart, fruity, texture and more

+ Meet your daily protein goals through real, whole foods

Promote muscle growth and a healthier metabolism

+ Keep your immune system strong through important micronutrients

+ Help you keep track of important macronutrients too (proteins, fats, carbs)

+ Promote healthy skin, hair, and nails

+ Help improve your digestive system through important, probiotic-rich foods

Help you lose stubborn fat and keep it off

+ Encourage better sleep and more energy

Help you feel satisifed and nourished for longer

+ Help you accomplish your fitness and physique dreams

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